Dear Relatives, Dear Visitors,

the Paulinenkrankenhaus staff bids you a warm welcome. Your relationship with the patient makes you an indispensable contributor for a successful treatment. This is why we would like to involve you in shaping the patient's therapy - of course as far as your committments allow and also in compliance with the patient's wishes. You know your relatives much better than we do. You know their habits and needs. Your comments might be useful for the anamnesis as well as for shaping the treatment.

At the same time, we also do our best to make your visit at our hospital as comfortable as possible. Find information on visiting hours, accommodation facilities, directions and on bringing flowers and gifts.

Good to know:

Our bright and spacious cafeteria awaits you! Take a seat in one of the cosy booths in the transition to the foyer. Here you can relax over a cup of coffee and chat with your relatives. Find more information here.

If you require further information:

  • For questions on treatments, please contact the ward staff.
  • For personal appointments - for example with the relevant senior physician - please find contact information for the appropriate contact person here.
  • For appointments with the chief physician, please contact his secretary.
  • For further questions - for example regarding accommodation facilities or on optional services - please contact our public relations officer.

We wish your relatives a speedy recovery!