Imparting Knowledge, Developing Careers

The Paulinenkrankenhaus sets a high value on top-class training and education. Each year, we run a comprehensive series of training courses and we foster specialist medical training. Each newly recruited junior doctor is given the opportunity to attend specialist training.

Academic Teaching and Training Opportunities at the Paulinenkrankenhaus:

  • Dr. med. Manfred Hummel, Medical Director, Chief Physician and Private Lecturer, is authorized by the Berlin Chamber of Physicians to provide specialist training for Internal Medicine within 36 months, according to the latest CPE regulations. In addition, he teaches at the Charité.
  • Dr. Frank-Rainer Klefisch, senior physician of the intensive care unit, provides training for the additional qualification in Internal Intensive Medicine, within two years. This training programme is offered following the specialist training for internal medicine.
  • Our trainee nurses may attend discounted training courses at the Wannsee-Schule. In cooperation with the Wannsee-Schule, the Paulinenkrankenhaus established a one year certificate programme for the new profession of nursing assistants. Find the training course programme of the Wannsee-Schule here.
  • The Paulinenkrankenhaus cooperates with three physiotherapy training centres: The Wannsee-Schule e.V., the Lehranstalt für Physiotherapie, and the Spektrum Akademie der Gesundheitsberufe.
  • The Paulinenkrankenhaus also cooperates with the Steinbeis University Berlin and its director, Prof. Dr. Albert, in relation with the degree course Medical Psychology.
  • The Paulinenkrankenhaus also offers medical professional training units certified by the Chamber of Physicians, available to both internal and external colleagues.


You can find certified medical training courses at the Paulinenkrankenhaus here.