Your Centre for Follow-Up Therapy After Cardiac Surgery

The Berlin hospital Paulinenkrankenhaus is a modern specialist hospital with a Specialist Department for Internal Medicine. We treat patients in their post-operative phase after thoracic surgery until their discharge into inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation or their home. For this purpose, we liaise closely with the German Heart Institute Berlin (Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin - DHZB) and the Charité. Since the formation of our hospital, it is our tradition to build on partnerships with strong partners. We want our patients to experience their treatment at our hospital and at our partners' sites as one holistic and coordinated therapy. When necessary, we consult specific external experts.

Latest Diagnostics and Treatments

The Paulinenkrankenhaus has 148 beds, of which 127 beds belong to 5 nursing wards. The remaining 21 beds are on our Intensive Care Unit with highly-specialised equipment. Respiratory devices are available for all intensive care beds. Our high quality of medical care is based on scientifc-based guidelines and standards. Our high professional quality standards are complemented by excellent standards of personalised care, as we ensure that our patients and their relatives receive genuine attention.

Do you want to read more?  Here you will find an overview of our areas of expertise as well as on the diagnostic and therapeutic facilities of our department of internal medicine.

We design our work methods according to the following principles:

The patient is at the centre of our activities:
  1. We involve patients and relatives into treatment planning.
  2. We respect the privacy of our patients.
  3. We respect our patients and their autonomous declarations of intent.
  4. We welcome suggestions and complaints any time and regard them as constructive stimulus.
  5. We design all treatment plans with a focus on the patient.
  6. We ensure the best possible treatment and hospitalisation.
  7. Together we form a therapeutic alliance.
We want to improve:
  1. We provide continuous training for our employees.
  2. We promote social competence in our employees.
  3. We welcome suggestions for improvement from our employees and implement those.
  4. We promote fair work plans.
  5. We are open towards technical innovation and new work methods.
  6. We adopt our work and organisational structures to current best practices.
  7. We have established an effective quality management system.
  8. We thoroughly select new staff.
  9. We provide excellent support for our trainees.
We are committed to cost awareness and environmental protection:
  1. We continually develop new nursing and medical therapy standards.
  2. We involve our staff into budget planning.
  3. We handle supplies cost-effectively.
  4. We protect the environment and reduce emissions.
We are bound by the tradition of the Paulinenkrankenhaus:
  1. We combine high-tech and humanity.
  2. We maintain good manners at all times.
  3. We practice a cooperative management style.
  4. We are committed to mutual respect.

Good to know:

The hospital Paulinenkrankenhaus is a paperless hospital. All diagnostic findings, documents, the entire documentation of observations and progress as well as all parameters recorded by medical devices are combined in a single electronic file. In this way, we ensure high quality documentation, completeness, and quick access to all information.