Advanced Patient-Centred Care With Tradition

Our nurses accompany your individual recovery process and use best practices to support you regaining your physical abilities. We create an atmosphere of trust amid the challenges of an advanced high-tech work environment. We benefit from the advantages of wellstructured teams, thorough on-the-job training, as well as efficient communication channels on all wards.

Our Work Centres on The Patient

Our main focus is on our patients' needs and well-being as part of our integrated approach to health. This concept defines our philosophy of patient-centred care:

  • We look at health comprehensively, thus our work is directed by our patients' needs and well-being.
  • Our workflow is organised in units, which are directed by the resources of the patients and may involve relatives if they wish to participate.
  • We work effectively, objectively and professionally with all internal agencies involved in the therapy.
  • We attend regular trainings in order to improve our performance and knowledge.
  • We take on a critical approach to our work. Therefore regular internal and external audits are in place to ensure a high standard of patient care.
  • We are open towards your suggestions as we consider criticism as a chance to improve our work.
  • We strive for appropriate, functional, economic, and comprehensive patient care.

Join our team!

The Paulinenkrankenhaus offers excellent career paths and further training opportunities to certified nursing staff, involving regular appraisal interviews and performance agreements as well as intense personal support during induction training.
Are you intrigued? Find more information on our careers page or get in touch with our Director of Nursing:

Director of nursing service

Ute Hennig - Leiterin Service

Ute Hennig
Director of nursing service and organization

Matthias Düker
Care management for quality assurance