Pastoral Care For Patients and Their Families

Gerda Kwaschik, our protestant pastor, visits the hospital every Monday at 3 pm. She is available to patients of all denominations. If you would like to personally meet the pastor, the nursing staff on your ward as well as the reception team will gladly forward your request. Appointments at short notice are possible too.

Gerda Kwaschik's mobile number is +49 (0) 176-67335026. During her hours of attendance at the Paulinenkrankenhaus, she may also be reached on +49 (0)30 30008-172 or -564 (mobile).

A Letter From Our Hospital Pastor:

Dear Patient,

staying at the hospital interrupts your and your family's regular daily life. Perhaps this is a situation for you that you have not experienced before, so you may feel anxious and worried at times. I would be happy to be there for you.

With kindest regards, your pastor Gerda Kwaschik