Nursing Assistance: Skill Mix in the Healthcare Workforce

In 2011, the Paulinenkrankenhaus introduced a new nursing care concept, which is based on a wider mix of skills supporting the systematic reorganisation of activities. Nursing assistants, as a recently introduced nursing profession, relieve qualified nurses by taking over a range of activities at the patient's bedside, thus forming the basis for the hospital’s new staffing structure. Without reducing the number of employed personnel, nursing assistance facilitates improvements in patient care, job satisfaction in healthcare, and economic efficiency of hospitals.

Apprenticed Profession: Nursing Assistant

In cooperation with the school Wannseeschule, the Paulinenkrankenhaus established a one year certificate programme for the new profession of nursing assistants (Pflegeassistent). In addition, the nursing assistant course is also available part-time. The nursing assistants are employed by the Paulinen Service Gesellschaft mbH (PSG). They perform a set of predefined tasks and work as a direct subordinate to a unit's nurse.

Find current vacancies on the online job board of the PSG.

For more information, please contact Ute Hennig
Manager Nursing Assistance and Service
Phone: +49 (0)30 30008-350