Waking-Up Time, Breakfast, Rounds

The procedures in a hospital such as the Paulinenkrankenhaus are tightly organised. Nevertheless, they can slightly differ from day to day - depending on the ward and the priorities during shifts.

Please keep yourself ready for the scheduled examination appointments.

The hospital's daily routine: Meal times, examinations, resting, physiotherapy, shift changeovers - that's how a typical day in the Paulinenkrankenhaus looks like.

Time Action
06:15 review (of the night shift) / shift changeover/ transfer
07:00 collection of blood samples / examinations
07:00 vital signs monitoring/ basic care/ medication administration
08:00 breakfast
08:30 physiotherapy
09:00 round
09:00 discharge
10:00 bandages/ vital signs monitoring
12:00 lunch (mobile patients may also eat in our cafeteria)
12:30 examinations
12:30 bandages/ vital signs monitoring/ medication administration
13:00 quiet hour
14:00 review / shift changeover / transfer
14:15 coffee
15:00 physiotherapy
15:00 vital signs monitoring/ medication administration/ bandages
17:30 supper
19:00 vital signs monitoring/ medication administration/ basic care
22:00 review / transfer / shift changeover
22:30 regular rounds of the nursing staff / night shift

Good to know:

We do our best to make your stay with us a comfortable one. Within the scope of our possibilities, we may be able to accommodate your individual needs - for instance in terms of waking-up times or meal times. Please don't hesitate to discuss your wishes with our nursing staff.