A-Z Information


Admission / Registration

... takes place at the patient's bed, usually on the first working day after admission. We need the patient's health insurance card or information on the sponsor. Find more information here.


... during your stay:

Your Name
Paulinenhaus Krankenanstalt e.V.
Dickensweg 25 – 39
Germany, 14055 Berlin

Advanced Directive

...is the name of a precautionary declaration of intent, a document in which you record your healthcare wishes and values.

You can spell out what medical care you would like to receive or not, in conjunction with the severity of a specific illness or injury. Your advance health care directive becomes effective in the event you are unable to make that decision at the time of treatment yourself.

We inquiry if such a directive exists at the time of admission, and if so, it will be deposited in your medical file.


... are not permitted on the grounds of the Paulinenkrankenhaus.



...is located in the foyer at the main entrance. Outside opening hours, vending machines are available to provide you with food and drinks around the clock.
Our opening hours:

Mon - Fri
7 am to 5 pm
Sat, Sun and Bank Holidays
7 am to 10 am
12 pm to 5.30 pm
Find our entire assortment here [hyperlinked].
Mobile patients may take their meals together with their visitors in the cafeteria.


...on all elements of diagnostics and therapy is our concern and our deed. Be sure to ask for, if you do not understand something. Please sign your consent only when all questions are answered and you feel that you understand everything.


... has to be brought. Please be sure to have appropriate clothing also for moving around and for the common room. Our social services provide you with a leaflet containing a list of required utensils for rehabilitation.

Common Rooms

... can be found on all wards. They provide a comfortable space for company and communication, also during rest hours.


... can be submitted to us any time, either with your name or anonymously. Each ward has its own letterbox for complaints. Your patient booklet contains several questionnaires for documenting your wishes, suggestions, and complaints. We would be grateful for your comments and suggestions.

Customer Satisfaction

... is very important to us.
We take your suggestions and criticism very seriously. Please use the questionnaire enclosed with your patient booklet. You may submit complaints to us any time either with your name or anonymously - there is a letter box outside every ward's common room.


Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin

... is the most important cooperation partner of the Paulinenkrankenhaus. Your treatment in our hospitals is based on a jointly developed therapy concept.


...to home or rehabilitation facility? Our social services supports you in the preparation. An employee of the care company Managed Care usually visits your bed on the second weekday after admission. They help in the organisation of medicines and aids and also assist in the formulation of applications. They also support you in the enforcement of justified claims - for example in the context of domiciliary care allowance levels (Pflegestufen) and outpatient treatments. Find more detailed information and contact information for social service in your patient information booklet. Please provide us with details on your health insurance or sponsor.


Electrical appliances

... such as heaters, microwaves, kettles, and other devices with heating capacity are not allowed in patient rooms for safety reasons.
Please plug in only tested devices.
The white or green power outlets are available for laptops, mini-TVs, or chargers.
Orange power outlets are reserved for medical devices only.

Environmental protection

... is an essential part of the corporate philosophy of the Paulinenkrankenhaus.
Please help us with the separation of recyclable materials and make use of the provided containers.
Containers are located on each ward and in the cafeteria.



Please note that for reasons of hygiene no soil is permitted on the wards. Our nursing staff will gladly provide vases for cut flowers.


Guest Rooms

... are ideal for visitors with a long journey, or for guests, who want to be near their relatives for a long time. You can choose between double rooms, and large apartments with separate living area and own kitchenette.
Find more information [here] or call us on +49 (0)30 30008-120


Hair care/manicure/pedicure

... is available by external service providers directly at the patient's bed. Please ask your ward staff, who will gladly inform you on rates and will book an appointment for you.

Hospital Charges

... are regulated by law.
Currently, your contribution for inpatient treatment amounts to 10 Euro per day - if you are older than 18 years and for a maximum of 28 days in the year. Please pay on receipt of the invoice by wire transfer.
Please discuss any other financial arrangements and details of our standard contract terms with our administrative staff. Private tariff patients are requested to pay an upfront payment of the total amount, usually for the first ten treatment days.
Interim payments may be due for longer stays in cases when we have not received a cost absorption declaration from your private health insurance.



Wi-Fi is free in all areas of the hospital. Log in to the network "LAN-1".  A registration is not necessary.



... see Cafeteria.


Letterbox / Post

... See Post


... see Valuables

Lost Property

... shall be passed on to the ward staff.



... can be dropped for collection at the reception or with your ward staff. You can also purchase stamps from them.
Your friends and family can send you a free digital postcard via our website. Simply click [here].


... see Hair care/manicure/pedicure


... will be distributed on the wards at fixed times. Breakfast is available from 8 am, lunch from 12 noon, and dinner from 17.30 pm. You can select from four different menus. Of course we also take into account cultural and religious dietary habits.
Mobile patients may have their meals in the cafeteria if they wish.
Private tariff patients benefit from an extended food and drink range.

Mobile Phones

... may cause problems in the vicinity of the intensive care unit or around sensitive equipment. Mobile phones are not allowed in the patient rooms during the rest periods. Please consider other patients and take note of the instructions from the nursing staff.

Multi-Functional Remote Control

... allows you to control various functions from the bed, such as lighting, TV, radio, and the nurse call system. You will find an operational instruction in your patient information booklet.



... see Cafeteria. Private tariff patients receive a daily newspaper to their bed.

Nightly Rest Time

...is from 10 pm until 6 am. Please coordinate night-time visits in the intensive care unit with the nursing staff. The public areas in the wards and in the foyer may also be used at night.

Nurse Call System

... see Multi-Functional Remote Control.

Nutritional Advice

... see Special Dietary Requirements.


Optional Services

...are available in many areas.
For detailed information please refer to the [Patient Information Booklet] and to the page [Optional Page] on our website.
Further information on terms and prices is also available from our reception team. You can reach them on +49 (0)30 30008-120.
The catalogue of optional services of the Paulinenkrankenhaus has been approved by the Association of Private Health Insurances.



Pastoral Care

... is an offer by the Protestant Pastor  for all patients of all denominations.
He can be reached each monday from 3 pm in her office +49 (0)30 30008-172.
The nursing staff of each ward gladly forwards requests and coordinates appointments, and also may establish contact to pastoral caregivers of other confessions. Find more information here.


... is available in abundance in the immediate vicinity of the hospital.
You may park on Heerstrasse or on the streets bordering the property: Dickensweg, Ragniter Allee or Passenheimer Street.

Patient Advocate

...is an independent, neutral intermediary appointed to our hospital.
She is responsible towards patients only. She support patients and their family in every possible way when it comes to questions, complaints or any other issues. She moderates conflicts with staff or hospital management and makes suggestions for improvements.
The patient advocate is present every Tuesday from 4 pm till 6 pm. You can reach her via our nursing staff or drop her a written message in the letterbox in front of room 106 on the ground floor.
Her direct phone number is +49 (0)30 30008-172, mobile +49 (0)30 30008-564. Find more information here.

Patients' wristbands

... ensure our patients’ safety.
They help us identifying patients and thus avoid confusion. At admission, we ask for your consent.

Pay Desk

...is located on the ground floor of the administration wing. We accept cash payments, as well as debit and credit cards payments.
Opening hours from Monday to Friday:
From 9 am to 11.30 am and
from 12.30 pm to 2pm.

Personal Items

... please bring only as many personal items as you actually need. We do not assume liability for items that are not locked away. The items you need to bring for follow-up care are listed on an information leaflet from social services.

Phone/Calling cards, TV/Radio

... control via the multi-functional remote control (see Multi-Functional Remote Control).
For detailed instructions, see your Patient Information Booklet.
Calling/TV cards and headphones are available at the reception. The service staff of the wards are happy to assist you.

Post Office

... see Mail.



... see [Phone/Calling cards, TV/Radio/Internet].

Rest periods

... are from 1 pm to 3 pm and from 10 pm to 6 am.
Please respect other patient's need to rest.


Self-Help Groups

... provide practical and emotional support in difficult times.
The self-help group for organ transplant patients (Interessengemeinschaft organtransplantierter Patienten - IOP) regularly visits our hospital. The group is aimed at transplanted patients, patients with mechanical circulatory support devices, and patients listed for transplantation. First contact can be made with the group in the common room of ward P2 every last Tuesday of the month at 3 pm.


... see [Cafeteria]

Smoking and Alcohol

... is only permitted in the designated outdoor areas on the south side of the building (back exit to Heerstrasse). Please do not smoke in front of the entrance and in immediate vicinity of the bed wind in particular. A limited selection of alcoholic beverages may be purchased in the cafeteria.

Special Dietary Requirements

... or standard diet?
You and your doctor mutually determine your diet plan. If you wish you can also consult our dietician. We will be glad to inform you.
Do you want to the kitchen team?
The kitchen can be reached on +49 (0)30 30008-130.

Social Services

... see [Dismissal] and [Social Services].



... may be booked for you from our reception team: +49 (0)30 30008-105

Television / Radio

... control via multi-functional remote control. Television and radio usage is free of charge, of course. Headphones are available at the reception. Please consider the other patients sharing your room with you.


... see [Discharge] and [Social Services].

Transport links

... see [How to Find Us].



... such as jewellery, larger quantities of cash, and other valuables should not be deposited in the patient's room.
We offer patients the opportunity to deposit items free of charge in the reception safe. For everyday objects, there is a lockable compartment in your wardrobe. However, we assume no liability for the contents of the locker or for items stored in bedside table drawers.

Vending machines

... for snacks and drinks are available next to the cafeteria on the ground floor.


... are welcome around the clock. Find out about visiting our hospital on the visitor page or call +49 (0)30 30008-120 for further information on the conditions on hospital stays and visits. Appointments with chief physicians can be made over the phone.



… our food is of a very high standard and of excellent taste - we will not serve you boring and dry Zwieback, unless you are on a gastroparesis diet or any other diet that requires Zwieback.